Advertising can seem a costly measure that may or may not pay out in the future. Often, it takes creativity, time, and capital to create an ad campaign that pays dividends in the future. So, you may be asking if advertising works — allow us to convince you why advertising works:

You Can Target Your Demographics

Advertising allows you to specifically target the demographics that you are interested in selling to. When you are appealing to your customer with precise advertisement, you are forging a greater connection with them. Greater connections means increased brand loyalty,

The Results are Instant, When Done Online

With online advertising, you are able to find out exactly who is looking at your advertisements and how long they are looking at them. Perhaps you have a hidden demographic that you didn’t even know about; Online advertising can help you uncover those groups. Not only that, but if you are getting instant feedback, you can stop spending money on ad campaigns that aren’t working.

Control How Consumers See Your Business

When you take the lead on advertising, you are controlling how your clients and customers see you. Without advertising, you are depending on word of mouth and online reviews, which can be skewed by factors outside of your control. When you are crafting the public face of your business, you are determining how your future customers feel about you.

Kickstart a New Business…

Advertising is particularly important when you’re first starting up, because it can determine the trajectory of your business. It can be the most difficult to have enough capital at the beginning, but the investment will be worth it. If no one knows about your business, certainly no one will be spending money there.

… Or Refresh an Old Business

If you’re in a rut, advertising can revamp a business. Running ads can bring past customers back again and remind them that they liked you in the first place. It can also cause an influx of new customers, who can point to your advertisement and say, “Yeah, I like that place.” Advertising should be your go-to tactic if your business is slowing down.