According to a 2015 article published in the New York Times, despite the spike of eBook popularity upwards of 1260% between 2008 and 2010, the field has experienced a turn in the tides recently. While digital books accounted for about 30% of sales prior to 2015, the beginning of that year saw a 10% decrease and the trend has continued today. The Association of American Publishers report that ebooks are holding steady at about 20% of total book sales, leaving print media the #1 reading method for American readers. Why is this the case and why would we think that print advertising has a place in a digital age?

It boils down to a phenomenon called digital fatigue. People are being forced into a completely digital landscape in both the education sectors and the career sectors. Schools are working towards creating 1-on-1 classrooms, in which every student has a digital device to work on. This helps cut the costs of books, paper, and other supplies, but students who are tactile learners are finding their work more difficult without the tangibility of a book in their hand.

Workers are expected to send and receive around 140 emails a day by next year, according to statistics by Radicati, a digital marketing research group. Coupling that with the necessity of research, document creation, and form filling to be done completely online, by the end of the day, minds are seeking relief from the constant bombardment of digital media.

Why will print advertising live forever?

Simply, at the end of the day, most people have seen enough screens and are seeking a more humble comfort – print media. This can also speak to the spike in the popularity of print catalogs and magazines. One of the first things that most adults do when they get home is open the mail. It can be a relief to feast the eyes on a catalog, where readers are not experiencing the eye strain often associated with staring at screens. It can even provide a welcome distraction from the digital world at the end of the day.

Advertisers like Dollars & Sense capitalize on a consumers tendency to seek out print media with their publication. Reaching over 1 million homes in the Twin Cities area, we see our clients succeed in reaching more potential customers than ever before through print advertising.