With the increase in media bombardment, through emails, advertisements, and phone calls, it can be easy for potential clients and customers to feel overwhelmed. Direct mail plays a key role in increasing returns on advertising investments, as they provide a tactile, sensory experience. When much of the advertising that customers are experiencing is intangible, providing something to put their hands on can make the difference between another deleted piece of spam and a brand new customer. The DMA, or Data and Marketing Association, released a series of statistics on the most effective direct mail methods in 2016, with catalogs being the biggest hitter.

With online shopping as a multibillion dollar stream of revenue, it can be hard to imagine that your customers are still interested in a throwback to the old Sears-Roebuck catalog days. It may come as a surprise, then, that over 100 million adults in the United States made a catalog purchase in 2016 (DMA). That accounts for nearly ⅓ of the population! The DMA also reported that 30% of adults said that seeing a product in a direct-mail catalog encouraged them to purchase that product online. The USPS reported that adults were reporting that catalogs were the most interesting piece of mail, surpassing newspapers and magazines by 31%. If you’re part of the 9.8 billion catalogs that were mailed out last year and you’re offering interesting, innovative products, you’re on the right track to increasing your profits.

If you’ve not joined the catalog game yet, take your queue from other businesses who have found their ROI in catalogs. Multichannel Merchant, a research and analysis company dedicated to increasing sales for companies through multiple channels, found that 75% of marketers are planning on using catalogs to drive sales in 2017. 85% of marketers who have already begun catalog circulation are planning to increase or maintain their current circulation, and of those, 88% are planning to maintain or increase the number of pages per catalog. Customers want engaging catalogs that they can sink their teeth into, and the relevance of them in marketing is only increasing.

Placing your coupons in catalogs such as the Twin Cities’ Dollars & Sense means that your ads are in the hands of nearly 1,000,000 customers in your area. With the increase in catalog-based sales, there’s a good chance that your ROI will leave you with more profit in your pocket and more happy customers in the future.