While digital marketing seems to be all the rage right now, direct mail marketing still has its uses in this technological era. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, around 36% of people under 30 still look forward to checking their mail everyday. Even more incredibly, a DMR poll noted that 92% of people surveyed prefer direct mail marketing to aid in purchasing decisions. The bottom line is that if you’re not adding your business to direct mail lists, you’re missing out on important consumer demographics.


If you’re still wondering what direct mail lists are, they are simply ways to get your direct mail marketing into the mailboxes of people in a targeted area. These lists help you avoid unnecessary costs, as they target the people who are most likely to respond to the types of products that you are offering, while avoiding the mailboxes of those who are likely uninterested in your product or service.


Direct mailing lists allow you to target consumers where they are most likely to see your promotions. After long days of staring at screens, a tangible advertisement is practically a relief from pop-ups and spam emails. But, the question remains: What types of direct mail should you be sending out?


Postcards are one option. These petite mailers are read by around 52% of their recipients, according to USPS. Often, these include an offer or promotion that can be redeemed by presenting the postcard at the business.


Another option is catalogs. If you’re offering multiple products, these are a great way to encourage readers to order your products, as they are more likely to spend time flipping through the paper catalog than they are to scroll through all the products on your site. Catalogs also allow you to present information in new, dynamic ways that aren’t necessarily possible on a computer screen.


Finally, one of the most effective direct mail lists options is coupon books. These are a cumulative collection of coupons from businesses around a certain area. One example is the Twin Cities’ own Dollars & Sense. These direct mailers reach over 1 million homes every time we send out coupons. If you’re interested in getting your business’ name into the homes of over 1 million families in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, contact Dollars & Sense today.