The resounding answer to that question is yes. Though it seems old fashioned to send fliers out in the mail or include print ads in the newspaper, a survey conducted by Eleventy Marketing Group found that 42% of people read or scan their direct mail advertisements. What does that mean for advertisers? Maybe old-fashioned direct mail advertising isn’t so old-fashioned, after all.

If you’re still scratching your head about why direct mail advertising works, here’s 3 reasons why:

You Can Create Effective Direct Mail Advertising Lists

Working to create an effective mailing list at the front end of your campaign can increase response rates ten-fold. Thoughtfully crafting your recipient list based on who has responded to your offers previously, have participated in surveys or coupon redemptions, or have directly expressed interest in your services. Cold-mailing advertisements will offer some results, but a crafted mailing list will offer huge results and the Twin City’s direct mailer, Dollars & Sense, has done all of this for you already. We mail out to over 1M households every month. We understand your market like no one else, because we specifically serve your market. We mail out 12 times a year- Choosing to advertise with us means that you’re getting exposure from 12 million customers who are ready to buy! 

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You’re Not Competing with Inbox Overload

According to US Postal Service data, 98% of people check their mail every day. The same number is true, or close to true, for emails. The problems comes in when we compare the sheer number of emails a person receives a day to the number of pieces of direct mail a person receives every day. According to the Radicati Group, a team of researchers focused on email, employees are expected to receive 97 emails every day by this time next year. Getting lost in the SPAM shuffle won’t do much for your campaign.

People Love Gifts

direct mail advertising - giftsThis one’s simple — In a direct mail advertising campaign, you can include pens, coasters, magnets, stickers, keychains, and other small gifts that will get customers excited. From the moment your recipient pulls your package out of the mailbox, they will be interested in what you have sent them. It sparks curiosity when a piece of mail is not a flier of flat envelope, ensuring that they will open and read about your business. When was the last time an email offered a free keychain?

Print Reading Isn’t Losing Popularity

In a 2015 Pew Research study, it was found that 63% of adults in the United States had read a traditionally printed book last year, while only 27% had read an eBook. Even with the booms in technology that allow reading in a more convenient and mobile format, print has not lost its advantage. People savor the tactile experiences that come from holding your reading material. Plus, after a long day of staring at screens, some words on paper can come as a sweet relief.