Most business tend to think that creative direct mail marketing techniques have gone the way of the VCR- outdated, obsolete, and too expensive to maintain. It’s simply not true. In a world bombarded with pop-up ads and email sales, it’s sometimes a breath of fresh air to get a nice offer in the mail. In fact, with the rise in mail-delivery packages, it’s more likely than ever that consumers are checking their mail every day. You have more opportunity now than ever before to create creative direct mail pieces for your consumers.

Start by looking at other successful pieces. What have they done that made them successful? You’ll find that most successful marketing campaigns involved a personalized touch. This can come in the form of directly addressing your consumer, providing coupons for products that they buy on a regular basis, or even just sending out a handwritten note telling them that you appreciate their business. While it would be impossible to handwrite 1 million cards for the Twin Cities area, a useful trick is to find a font that looks like handwriting. Even this little touch is a nice complement to a creative piece of mail.

Another stratgegy that successful campaigns often utilize is including a useful addition to their mail. Whether it’s in the form of a magnet or an ink pen, consumers love feeling like they’re getting something for nothing. If you’re a makeup vendor, include samples. If you’re an accident lawyer, include a step-by-step guide for what to do following an accident. If you sell a service, create a unique, 3-D business card that shows off what you’re offering and that will stick in the mind of the recipient. The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve figured out your strategy, it’s time to team-up with someone who knows the business. Dollars & Sense, the Twin Cities’ premier direct mail marketing company, can help you get into the homes of over 1 million residents in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Contact us today to get started!