In the first of our 4 part series on creating an impactful direct mail campaign, we’ll tackle the first 2 steps: Demographic research and personalizing the campaign. There steps go hand-in-hand with one another. Without data-driven campaigning, you’ll find that your best efforts fall flat, and if you don’t customize your campaign to the needs of your demographic, you’ll likely illicit poor responses. Dollars and Sense, the Twin Cities’ own direct mailer, knows what it takes to get into the homes and hearts of Minneapolis families and wants to share that with you.

Demographic Research

Start with the information that you already have. Use the information from your customer-relations management research to fuel your continuing research. Assure that your database is completely up-to-date and begin extracting the relevant information for your campaign. Some questions that you’ll want to answer include:

  • Are there particular areas that my demographic densely populates?
  • What is my demographic looking for from my product or service?
  • Does my demographic use other means of marketing delivery?
  • What other campaigns have seen marketing success within this demographic?
  • How many people in my demographic have already signed up to receive marketing efforts from my company?

Once you’ve gathered that information, you can decide if your originally targeted demographic is still appropriate. If it is, you can begin to map out the major mail-delivery points that will help your direct mail campaign find itself in the hands of the people that you’re seeking out.

Customize Your Campaign

Let your customers really know who you are. While a direct mail campaign is one of the best ways to get marketing tactics in the face of potential clients and customers, it certainly would benefit from being coupled with other techniques. For example, invite your clients to follow you on Twitter for special coupon offers. If you’re sending out a brochure or flyer, include how to find you on Facebook and invite customers to leave reviews of your product. Use the potential uptick in social media visits to create interesting, compelling blog content or video advertisements. Creating a full-fledged marketing campaign isn’t easy. It requires twitch-speed response to small stimulus, such as an influx in store visitors or more-than-average likes on a post. But, careful customization of your campaign and content can pay dividends on the other side of your direct mail campaign.