The Cost of Twin Cities Direct Mail Advertising

Twin Cities direct mail advertising doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking if it’s done thoughtfully. If you’re a business owner, any marketing campaign can feel like a major investment, especially when it’s coupled with the fear of the campaign being ineffective.  There are some strategies that reduce costs while still making a major impact on your clients and customers, both present and future.

The United States Postal Service offers many options for small businesses to spread their message through the traditional mailing system. They boast an impressive $1100 return on investment (ROI). According to their site, for every $1 spent on direct mail advertising, you can expect a $12 yield in sales. The Direct Marketing Association notes that direct mail outperforms all digital advertising put together by 600%. The question is no longer, “Should I advertise by mail,” but, “Which service fits my needs?”

Their Every Door Direct Mail program allows you to carefully target your local neighborhoods to target potential clients and customers. It’s simple enough:

  1. You select the routes where you would like your Twin Cities direct mail advertising pieces delivered. This can be done online.
  2. Design a beautiful mailer with a clear message.
  3. Bundle your mailers in stacks no more than 6” high.
  4. Fill out the processing slip and attach.
  5. Drop off your bundles at a local post office for delivery.

USPS offers prices that are less expensive than postage, starting at just $0.17.

Minneapolis’ own Dollars & Sense trusts the USPS to get your coupon book in your mailbox. We understand the importance of direct mail advertising for our customers. How often have you seen a great deal and it helped you decide what to grab for lunch or where to take your vehicle for service? That’s the benefit of direct mail advertising. It meets the customers where they are with bold and innovative print that is a relief from the bombardment of online banner ads and spam emails.