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Creating an Impactful Direct Mail Campaign: Part 1

In the first of our 4 part series on creating an impactful direct mail campaign, we’ll tackle the first 2 steps: Demographic research and personalizing the campaign. There steps go hand-in-hand with one another. Without data-driven campaigning, you’ll find that your best efforts fall flat, and if you don’t customize your campaign to the needs [...]

How Direct Mail Lists Can Increase Your Business

While digital marketing seems to be all the rage right now, direct mail marketing still has its uses in this technological era. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, around 36% of people under 30 still look forward to checking their mail everyday. Even more incredibly, a DMR poll noted that 92% of people [...]

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The Importance of Catalogs in Direct Mail Advertising

With the increase in media bombardment, through emails, advertisements, and phone calls, it can be easy for potential clients and customers to feel overwhelmed. Direct mail plays a key role in increasing returns on advertising investments, as they provide a tactile, sensory experience. When much of the advertising that customers are experiencing is intangible, providing [...]

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Does Direct Mail Advertising Work?

The resounding answer to that question is yes. Though it seems old fashioned to send fliers out in the mail or include print ads in the newspaper, a survey conducted by Eleventy Marketing Group found that 42% of people read or scan their direct mail advertisements. What does that mean for advertisers? Maybe old-fashioned direct [...]

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