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Creating an Impactful Direct Mail Campaign: Part 1

In the first of our 4 part series on creating an impactful direct mail campaign, we’ll tackle the first 2 steps: Demographic research and personalizing the campaign. There steps go hand-in-hand with one another. Without data-driven campaigning, you’ll find that your best efforts fall flat, and if you don’t customize your campaign to the needs [...]

Creating Coupons That Don’t Lose Money

Creating Coupons That Don't Lose Money Using coupons for your business can seem counter-intuitive. How can giving customers a way to save money bring in more business for you? Dollars & Sense wants to show you how. The simple philosophy behind a coupon is that customers will visit your business to obtain the deal, then [...]

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Why You Can Create Enticing Coupons Without Killing Your Profits

It can be a hard concept to imagine — giving customers merchandise for reduced prices hardly seems like the best way to pull in hefty profits. Yet, coupons are a major part of sales for nearly every company imaginable. There are entire television shows exclusively focused on couponing. Why is this phenomenon so popular with [...]

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