Creating Creative Direct Mail Pieces for Your Marketing Campaign

Most business tend to think that creative direct mail marketing techniques have gone the way of the VCR- outdated, obsolete, and too expensive to maintain. It’s simply not true. In a world bombarded with pop-up ads and email sales, it’s sometimes a breath of fresh air to get a nice offer in the mail. In [...]

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Creating an Impactful Direct Mail Campaign: Part 1

In the first of our 4 part series on creating an impactful direct mail campaign, we’ll tackle the first 2 steps: Demographic research and personalizing the campaign. There steps go hand-in-hand with one another. Without data-driven campaigning, you’ll find that your best efforts fall flat, and if you don’t customize your campaign to the needs [...]

The Cost of Twin Cities Direct Mail Advertising

The Cost of Twin Cities Direct Mail Advertising Twin Cities direct mail advertising doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking if it’s done thoughtfully. If you’re a business owner, any marketing campaign can feel like a major investment, especially when it’s coupled with the fear of the campaign being ineffective.  There are some strategies that [...]

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Creating Coupons That Don’t Lose Money

Creating Coupons That Don't Lose Money Using coupons for your business can seem counter-intuitive. How can giving customers a way to save money bring in more business for you? Dollars & Sense wants to show you how. The simple philosophy behind a coupon is that customers will visit your business to obtain the deal, then [...]

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How Direct Mail Lists Can Increase Your Business

While digital marketing seems to be all the rage right now, direct mail marketing still has its uses in this technological era. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, around 36% of people under 30 still look forward to checking their mail everyday. Even more incredibly, a DMR poll noted that 92% of people [...]

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Why You Can Create Enticing Coupons Without Killing Your Profits

It can be a hard concept to imagine — giving customers merchandise for reduced prices hardly seems like the best way to pull in hefty profits. Yet, coupons are a major part of sales for nearly every company imaginable. There are entire television shows exclusively focused on couponing. Why is this phenomenon so popular with [...]

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Print Advertising is Here to Stay

According to a 2015 article published in the New York Times, despite the spike of eBook popularity upwards of 1260% between 2008 and 2010, the field has experienced a turn in the tides recently. While digital books accounted for about 30% of sales prior to 2015, the beginning of that year saw a 10% decrease [...]

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Ineffective Marketing: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Ad Campaigns

We’ve all heard that there’s no such thing as bad press, but ask any advertising specialist and they will tell you that is an incorrect notion. Your public face determines if you do or do not sell product, so it pays to be careful when composing an ad campaign. The risque can become lewd and [...]

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Digital vs Print Advertising: Print is King!

We’ve touched on many reasons why print advertising is still as important as ever, even in the age where digital marketing seems to be the primary concern. No matter how excellent your banner ad looks or how many shares a post gets on Facebook, though, print marketing remains one of the most lucrative and pervasive [...]

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